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1. Impact

The impact competing in amateur athletics has on adolescent lives is endless. Many of our fondest memories, most deeply rooted relationships, and biggest life lessons were all learned through competing in a team environment.

PBC 2025 grads.jpg

Chasing a passion to play a game we love, in hopes to do it forever, doesn't ever come to fruition for anyone. What these experiences do however succeed in, is shaping the foundation of who we are as people, therefore, having a direct impact on the trajectory of our lives.

2. Equity


Extenuating circumstances outside of the control of a young person's life should not be what holds one back from the chance to earn an opportunity. PBF believes that amateur athletes should have the equitable opportunities.

3. The Bridge

There are multiple avenues in which we can bridge the gap to create a more equity in amateur athletics. Providing financial assistance, enriching their lives through education and accountability, creating experiences that teach them to be a part of something bigger than themselves...the list goes on...

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That's where you come in. If you choose to do so, come to the table and reinforce the resources, skills, and offerings to invest into young lives and their families. We are open minded and encourage anyone that shares our passion to join us.

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